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Cagliari, the charm of the 'naked city'

“And suddenly there is Cagliari: a naked town rising steep, steep, golden-looking, piled naked to the sky from the plain at the head of the formless hollow bay” – David Herbert Lawrence, Sea and Sardinia

As an experienced tour guide, Laura can provide you with the best tips for exploring the city. For a full experience, you can choose a guided tour with selected local guides, that will allow you to discover the history, culture and secrets of the city. You can also visit the most important sites within 50 km of Cagliari, accompanied by guides who will take you there in a minivan.

The medieval quarter of Castello, with its mighty fortifications and political and religious palaces, is a history book ready to be leafed through. The charm of an almost inaccessible citadel, perched atop a limestone hill, can be seen in the decadent atmosphere of its nobles’ palaces, narrow streets and spectacular views from the top of its ramparts.

In the deepest recesses of the city lie spaces that were once teeming with life. Among ancient underground cisterns, places of worship hidden from view and shelters for the population terrified by the bombings of World War II, underground Cagliari will amaze you step by step.

One of Cagliari’s favourite vantage points for a breathtaking view of the city’s richest ecosystems is the Sella del Diavolo(Devil’s Saddle): more than a promontory overlooking the gulf, ponds and salt pans, it is an iconic landmark of the city. An easy walk on the white limestone and amidst the essences of the Mediterranean shrubland will allow you to breathe in Sardinian nature at its fullest.

Home of Sardinian muralism and the ‘revolution with a paintbrush in hand’ ,the small farming village of San Sperate

has been devoted to art since 1968 and is now dotted with hundreds of murals and art installations. Here you can discover a little gem: an open-air museum, where you can experience, among orange and lemon trees, the magic of the ‘sound stones’ created by the great artist Pinuccio Sciola.

The long history of this centre of ancient life, set on a peninsula stretching out over the sea south-west of Cagliari (37 km), is written year after year by archaeologists. The easy landing spots, which allowed the Fenici, Punici e Romani to make the city flourish, probably marked its end, making it an easy target for pirate raids.

Here you can admire streets, temples, baths, splendid mosaics and the Roman theatre, long hidden under the earth.

The most impressive protagonist of Sardinian archaeology is located in Barumini, a village of a thousand souls 50 km from Cagliari.


Sardinia’s only UNESCO site, Su Nuraxi represents the Nuragic civilisation, which dotted the island with thousands of towers during the Bronze Age. You can have an immersive experience inside this prehistoric building and explore the unique natural environment of the nearby Giara di Gesturi, a plateau inhabited by the last specimens of Sardinian wild horses.

A short drive into the rural hinterland of the island will take you to the Argiolas winery, based in Serdiana, one of the most important areas for wine production in Sardinia.

You will discover the history of the founder of the winery, its vineyards and the barrique cellar, where the secrets for the production of some very renowned Italian wines are kept. You will also taste the four top wines produced by Argiolas, accompanied by cheese, cold cuts and excellent pane carasau bread.

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